Having a home inspection done on a Sioux Falls area home will help you make informed decisions about the property. Whether you are buying or selling real estate, moving into a newly constructed house, or are looking to make improvements on your current home, having a home inspector evaluate the structure is a valuable resource.

Unfortunately, there are several myths that are floating around about just what a home inspector can or will do for you. At Restoration RX, we’d like you to go into this process with your eyes wide open, so we are sharing these 5 common home inspection myths with you.


1) Home Inspectors Give Advice on Home Purchases

Fact: A home inspector is an impartial observer. He or she will not tell you whether or not you should purchase a home. And honestly, you should not want them to. What you need is the opinion of someone who doesn’t have any skin in the game, someone who will give you an honest evaluation of a home’s condition.

As a matter of fact, be leery of a home inspection company that tries to sway you one way or the other.


2) It’s Better if You Don’t Attend the Inspection

Fact: As a customer paying for a service, you deserve to get as much out of a home inspection as possible. While you’ll receive a detailed inspection report about what is found during the examination of the property, you’ll benefit by actually being there as the process unfolds.

In addition to having a first-hand description of a home’s shortcomings, the inspector might give you advice on how to maintain certain areas of the property. As you watch the technician make his/her way around the house, you’ll know what to look for between inspections.


3) A Home Inspector Will Know Everything That’s Wrong with a Home

Fact: Home inspectors report on things that may not be installed correctly or working properly in a home, or are nearing the end of their lifespans. This is especially valuable if they are deemed unsafe, such as with faulty wiring, aged plumbing or failing heating systems.

What an inspector cannot tell you is when these systems will fail. For example, you purchase an older home with aged plumbing. The inspector’s report says there are no signs of leaking pipes. However, you come home from work several months later to discover that a pipe has cracked and your basement has flooded. 

Please don’t think this constitutes a poor inspection.

Infrared cameras, thermal imaging and moisture meters will help an inspector pinpoint leaks and plumbing problems, but he/she does not have X-ray vision and cannot predict the future. The technician can only give account for circumstances at the time the inspection was performed. 

They will provide you with a report on the overall condition of the plumbing, and make recommendations for having it repaired or replaced. When or if you do it is up to you.


4) Homes Either Pass or Fail an Inspection

Fact: Because what is an annoyance to one homeowner might indicate a major failure to you, YOU make the decision on whether a home passes an inspection or fails it. The home inspector simply lets you know that the problem exists.


5) New Construction Doesn’t Need to Be Inspected

Fact: While it seems reasonable that a newly built home should be problem free, that isn’t always the case. Poor construction or sub-par materials can turn dream homes into nightmares in a hurry. However, since no one has ever used the home, it can be tough to pinpoint them.

Homes that have been inhabited have had time to develop symptoms of deeper issues, making problems more readily apparent. Leaking toilets may have rotted sub-floors, poorly ventilated bathrooms will have developed mold issues and insufficient soil grading may have caused water to seep into basements.

You’ll be doing a walk-through with the builder of your new home; Angie’s List offers some good tips on what to expect at that time. It’s imperative that you hire an impartial inspector to examine your house in order to catch problems so you don’t have to pay for them. Having your new home inspected will help ensure move-in day is a truly happy one.


Impartial Home Inspections for South Dakota Home-Owners

Working with an experienced inspector makes all the difference in trusting the results of your home inspection. At Restoration RX, we’re proud to offer trusted home inspections in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

A home inspection will provide you with great information about the current overall condition of a home. You’ll have a solid understanding about both minor and major repairs that are needed or are looming in the future.