Home Inspections Reveal Common Problems Early

Restoration RX performs home inspections on Sioux Falls, SD area properties for various reasons. Whether you’re planning to buy a new home or sell your current one, a home inspection is necessary. Maybe you love the house you’re in, but would like to develop a timeline for making improvements on it, or perhaps your home has received storm damage. When choosing a home inspector for whatever reason, it’s important to choose one that is properly trained and certified.

Regular home inspections will enable you to fix the little things before they become major issues. Homes in our region vary in size, construction and value, yet we find that all are prone to these 7 common problems found in home inspections.

  1. Damp Basements
  2. Basement seepage is an issue we often run into. Water can work its way in through cracks in your home’s foundation or through an improperly-installed egress window. Poor drainage usually come into play, too. If not addressed early, groundwater will work its way into your basement and may end up causing major flooding issues.
    A home inspector will catch seepage problems while they’re still repairable, and may even point you toward an experienced basement waterproofing contractor.

  3. Poor Drainage or Grading
  4. This issue is closely tied to damp basements. Ideally, water should flow away from your foundation rather than pooling around it or running toward it. Ponding water and saturated soil can create hydronic pressure, which may crack a structure’s foundation or cause it to shift. Wood framing material will eventually take on moisture and begin to rot.
    By simply sloping the soil away from your foundation, you can save thousands of dollars on home repairs. We advise that the grade should slope 6 inches the first 10 feet. Not sure if the soil is properly graded around your home? Today’s Homeowner offers some practical advice on how measure a grading slope. Better yet, contact Restoration RX and we’ll take it look at it for you. Plus, we’ll inspect the rest of your house while we’re at it!

  5. Roofing Problems
  6. Catching problems early is key in extending the lifespan of your roof. It’s important to repair brittle, curled or loose shingles and damaged or missing flashing around chimneys right way in order to keep water out of your home. If you have received storm damage to your roof, we can help you determine the extent of issues and even provide you with insurance claim help. Your roof protects your home and everything in it, including your family; have it inspected annually by a trained home inspection company.

  7. Shoddy Electrical
  8. From open junction boxes to overloaded circuits or wires without wire nuts on them, we’ve seen a lot of questionable electrical work in the homes we inspect. Many older houses, or homes with additions, have DIY wiring, which might be functional, but probably isn’t safe.
    When we perform a home inspection, we’ll take a close look at your wiring and offer our professional opinion. A licensed electrician can bring things up to code and provide you with some peace of mine.

  9. Plumbing Problems
  10. Common plumbing defects we encounter include poor water pressure, slow or clogged drains and leaky pipes or fixtures, often indicated by water stains on ceilings. It is important to replace outdated or problematic pipes, repair or swap out a dripping faucet, and a leaky toilet may be easily fixed by installing a new wax ring. Left unattended, small plumbing issues can lead to mold growth that can make your family sick, or a broken pipe can flood your entire basement.

  11. Heating & Cooling System Issues
  12. Outdated, inadequately sized or poorly maintained HVAC systems are common problems found by home inspectors. It’s important we check operational controls for damages and to ensure they are working properly. In addition, we check chimneys for an extreme amount of dirt and debris and complete blockages. Improper exhaust flues, damaged heat exchangers, dirty furnace filters and more can cause health and safety issues.
    Replacing an old or inefficient system may quickly pay for itself in utility savings. A trained home inspector will help you determine if your heating and cooling system is costing you money or putting your family at risk.

  13. Aging Windows & Doors
  14. Windows and doors play a big role in keeping water out of your home. They also keep the cold air out in winter, and cool air in during the summer. Damaged or improper caulking, inadequate weather stripping, rotting trim or failed glass seals can make your home cold and drafty.
    A home inspection will reveal how much of your utility bills are due ti lost energy. You may decide that installing new windows, doors, flashing and trim is money well spent.

Everyone Wins with Home Inspections!

The home inspection process is an important part of home ownership. It helps sellers to make improvements that can greatly increase their asking price. For buyers, a home inspection will give them a clear idea of what they are purchasing, how well it has been maintained, and what improvements they will have to make in the future. For homeowners who already love where they live, a home inspection can help them budget for repairs and upgrades, and develop a timeline to accomplish them.
If your home has received damage from wind, water or fire, we can help you get back on the road to recovery by performing a home inspection. We are sure to look for the common problems found in home inspections, and the more complicated problems as well. We will even work with your insurance company to see that the claims process is properly followed and repairs are made correctly. When you’re looking for a trustworthy home inspector in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area, please contact Restoration RX!