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Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

It’s that time of year again! The snow is thawing, the sun is shining, and the warmer weather eradicates any excuses of tending to everyone’s favorite annual tradition of… Spring cleaning!

Okay, nobody’s ever that excited to bust out the ladder, rake up the leaves, or try and remember where you stored the lawn mower. But when it comes to ensuring your home’s roofing and exterior features are performing up to par, there’s never a better time to get to cleaning than the spring season, especially when it comes to your roof.

All winter long, your roof has been forced to endure heavy snowfall, subzero temperatures, and relentless winter winds, which can certainly take a toll on your home’s structural integrity, year after year. So once those temperatures start to rise and those birds start to chip, it’s important that you carve out an afternoon to ensure your roof’s appearance and performance hasn’t been altered after the slog of another winter.

So roll up your sleeves, lace up your lawn shoes, and locate that ladder! Here’s your ultimate spring cleaning and roof inspection checklist to help preserve your home’s beauty and durability.

1) Clear Off All Signs of Roof Debris

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find on top of your roof once winter washes away and springtime swings into full gear. Leaves, twigs, mold, mildew, dirt, grime, growth; it’s not uncommon to find any combination of nasty roof debris that, if left untreated, can contribute to roof deterioration or mold progression over time. First things first; bust out that ladder, hook up that hose, and start spraying off any traces of roof debris sprawled across your roof, so you can lessen your roof maintenance load later on down the road.

2) Clean Your Gutters

Gutters: the unsung hero when it comes to providing your home with superior exterior protection. The spring season is when your gutter system has to work overtime, properly draining and disposing of water so it doesn’t infiltrate the exterior features or foundation of your home.

Once you’ve cleared off all traces of debris on your roof, you’ll want to start inspecting your gutters next, cleaning and clearing them out to avoid any costly clogging that could occur throughout the showers of spring. Trust us, checking this off the spring cleaning checklist sooner than later will spare you from a variety of water damage-related issues.

3) Trim Any Overhanging Branches

Trees that loom large over your home are the primary suspect when it comes to contributing to roof debris and clogged gutters. Giving them a trim so that branches aren’t entirely hanging over the roof of your home will significantly reduce their debris contribution, as well as work toward keeping your roof and home exterior features in pristine condition. You’d be amazed at the roofing damage fallen tree branches can produce, especially during a spring thunderstorm.

4) Inspect for Damage or Deterioration

You don’t have to be an expert roofing inspector to notice any blatant signs of roof damage. Loose or missing shingles, rotting wood, gaps or punctures in your flashing; part of your roofing spring cleaning checklist needs to incorporate being on the lookout for any signs of damage or deterioration. If you do come across any traces of structural damage, be sure to hire a reputable, local roof repair company to safely and securely attend to any roofing issues or complications.

5) Examine Your Attic

For spring cleaners prone to occasional procrastination, the attic tends to be an overlooked location, given the sheer amount of cleaning it demands during any given season. However, taking a look at the walls and ceiling of your attic once the spring season sets in will enlighten you to any potential roofing issues that could be progressing into more urgent complications.

Leaks, stains, or mold coming from your attic walls are sheer signs of water damage with your roof. If you detect any extreme differences in temperature when entering the attic, that’s a tell-tale sign of inefficient insulation or ventilation, which should also warrant a thorough roofing inspection.

Call Restoration RX For All Your Spring Cleaning Roofing Needs

When you need to get down to the nitty gritty of spring cleaning with your home’s roof and exterior features, it never hurts to call a professional! At Restoration RX, we provide a variety of roof maintenance services, ranging from expert roof repair assistance to providing the most detailed roof inspections throughout the Sioux Falls area. Contact us today to jumpstart your residential spring cleaning chores!

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