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Common Winter Hazards for South Dakota Homes

Common Winter Hazards for South Dakota Homes

Winter is right around the corner, which means you should expect at least 37 inches of snowfall. Those who live in the Western side of the state near the mountains may experience close to double that amount, lasting till around April, so don’t put away your winter clothes too soon.

South Dakota winter has a unique set of challenges due to the state's particular weather patterns and greater amounts of ice forming as winters have been warming up for the past few years.

Want to keep your family safe when winter comes around? Restoration Rx, the only company that can give certified forensic roof inspections in the greater Sioux Falls area, wants you to be aware of these four common winter hazards that affect South Dakota homes.

Common Winter Hazards Inside Your Home

Let’s take a look at the indoor hazards first!

Improper Installation of Insulation

If you noticed last year that your home doesn’t heat evenly throughout or that the bottom floor of your home is especially cold, you probably have an issue with your roof insulation.

Hot air rises and goes to wherever it is cold, so if your insulation isn’t done correctly, you’ll lose heat in the rest of your home as it escapes outside.


Ironically, the season when you imagine serene snowscapes is also when fires are most common.

You should always be careful when cooking on your holiday, look out for what you put around your fireplace, don’t overburden your electrical system with too many lights, and watch out for where you put space heaters.

Frozen Pipes

Winter temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and potentially burst, leading to significant water damage. Signs include reduced water flow or strange noises from plumbing fixtures. To prevent this, insulate exposed pipes and keep a trickle of water running in extremely cold weather.

HVAC Issues

Furnaces or heaters may malfunction during extreme cold, posing fire hazards or causing carbon monoxide leaks. Regular maintenance and inspections before winter ensure safe and efficient operation.

Ice Dams

Ice dams form on roofs due to melting snow refreezing at the edge. They can cause water to seep into your home, leading to structural damage or mold growth. Adequate attic insulation and ventilation, along with proper gutter maintenance, can prevent ice dams.

Common Winter Hazards Outside Your Home

The list of outdoor winter hazards can be long in South Dakota, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top two.

Roof Preparation

There are a lot of steps and precautions to take to ensure your roof is in tip-top condition for the winter.

Contact us at Restoration Rx for a check-up before winter comes in full swing, or if you know you have any of these problems with your roof:

  • Leaks

  • Ice Dams

  • Holes

  • Broken Tiles or Shingles

  • Rotten Wood

  • Broken Roof Vents

  • Moss or Mold

Gutter Issues

Seeing that South Dakota winters have become milder throughout most of the state, especially the eastern part, snow and ice melt more frequently throughout the winter. Cleaning out your gutters of fall leaves, debris, and sticks will make it so that melted snow and ice will pass through more easily.

Clogged gutters are more than unsightly; They can cause roof leaks, and frozen gutters can form ice dams!

Ice Accumulation

How can you consider yourself a South Dakotan if you’ve never taken a tumble on an icy, slippery sidewalk? Slippery ice on walkways and driveways poses a risk of slips and falls every winter. Always be sure to use salt or sand to melt ice and ensure safe walking surfaces all around your home.

Fallen Tree Limbs & Power Lines

Heavy snowfall can cause tree limbs to break and damage power lines, leading to power outages or property damage. Be sure to regularly trim branches near power lines to prevent any potential hazards from coming to fruition.

DIY Restoration or Trust a Professional Roofing Company?

Winter is the toughest season to try and restore any element of your home. Before you even think about DIY home restoration, be sure to consider the following advantages of trusting a professional to restore your South Dakota home during the winter months.

  • Expertise & Experience: Professional restoration companies have the expertise to assess hazards accurately and recommend proper solutions, mitigating potential damages effectively.

  • Prompt Response: Emergency restoration services are available around the clock, ensuring a quick response to mitigate damages promptly and prevent further issues.

  • Advanced Equipment & Techniques: Professionals utilize specialized equipment and proven techniques to address various hazards efficiently and effectively.

  • Thorough Restoration: Professionals provide comprehensive restoration, ensuring that not only immediate damage but also hidden issues like mold growth are properly addressed.

  • Peace of Mind: Hiring professionals offers peace of mind, knowing that your home is in capable hands and potential hazards are addressed thoroughly.

Prep Your Home for Winter Storms With Restoration Rx

Most people in South Dakota have their roofs inspected right before winter starts, so you are just in time. Restoration Rx offers emergency storm damage repair for residential and commercial properties and LeakFREE® Certification from our NRCIA-certified forensic roof inspectors.

Contact us today for a quote for your home in South Dakota!

Providing quotes and inspections for customers as far as 150 miles from Sioux Falls, SD.

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