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How to Inspect & Prep Your Home for Winter

How to Inspect & Prep Your Home for Winter

Buying a house is a significant investment, so you should keep it maintained throughout the year. However, once winter rolls around, many problems appear, especially if you live in a cold and snowy place.

Take the initiative and inspect and prep your home early in the winter, so you can avoid emergency spending and enjoy a stress-free holiday season. Just remember that if you find a serious problem with your home, it’s best to contact a professional for help, not to make the situation worse.

Our IICRC and NRCIA certified roof experts have put together this short guide on inspecting and prepping your home for winter. Let’s get started!

How to Prepare and Inspect Residential Roofing

Whenever there is extreme weather, your roof is in danger. In the winter, you have to deal with ice, snow, and high winds, each of which causes a unique set of issues.

Ice dams, broken or missing shingles, roof flashing leaks, condensation, tree damage, and damage caused by small animals burrowing into your roof are some of the main problems to prevent in the winter.

Begin by inspecting your home interior for leaks. Take action if you see signs of rotten wood, mold, issues with ventilation, and holes or cracks in the roof sheathing.

As long as your roof isn’t icy and you take property safety precautions, you might consider going on top of your roof to check for damage. But for roofs specifically, unlike other areas of your home, it is difficult to protect without professional help.

Give Restoration Rx a call if you need a local roof inspector!

How to Check Your Home's Siding

Siding guards your home against heavy winds, the passing cold from trickling and built-up snow, and cold weather. Many siding contractors install and fixing siding during wintertime because it won't detract from warm weather plans, and the ground is usually frozen over.

To start, go outside and check the siding visually to see if it is broken anywhere. Note that heat from your home can escape through any cracks in your home’s siding.

From there, look to see if any animal or bug – especially termites – has burrowed or nested near, inside, or directly next to your siding.

Lastly, check for any discoloration and see if the siding is warped.

How to Treat and Prep Your Home’s Windows

There are four things you must do to winterize your home’s windows.

1. Give Them a Thorough Clean

Take off your insect shield, and use a window cleaning solution, soap, and water, to clear any debris or dirt.

2. Seal Your Windows

If you have noticed any passing winds or the area around your windows is cold, it is time to seal them. Wherever holes are in your weatherstripping, fill them in with window sealant.

3. Control Your Home’s Humidity

Window fog is annoying and blocks the beautiful morning view of your snowy backyard. Avoid this by using a dehumidifier or turning on a ceiling fan in the same room as your windows.

4. Replace Your Windows

You can only spend so much on fixing your windows until it is time to replace them. Replacing your windows improves energy efficiency, home value, and functionality.

Get Your Gutters Ready for Winter

The main thing you can do to get your gutters ready for the winter is to clear them. Excessive buildup, twigs, leaves, and water can freeze your gutters. As snow and ice begin to pile up and melt on your roof, an ice dam forms a wall around your gutters, making your home colder and damaging your roof.

If your gutters are damaged in any way, contact professional contractors for help.

Don’t Tackle Your Home Inspection Alone

If you need assistance inspecting your roof, siding, windows, or gutters, reach out to Restoration Rx. As an official provider of LeakFREE® roof certifications, we guarantee thorough inspections with our 50-point roof inspection process.

To learn more about our services and why families throughout South Dakota and the Midwest choose Restoration Rx, contact us to request a quote.

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