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Why Warranties Matter for Roof Replacement

Why Warranties Matter for Roof Replacement

Has a storm rampaged your South Dakota roof, tearing off shingles or leaving it in disrepair? If that is the case, you likely will need to replace your roof, which is a hefty cost – especially if you haven’t budgeted for it.

While roof replacements aren’t avoidable, always ask your roofing contractor about warranty options to avoid sudden repair or replacement expenses in the future.

So, what is a roof warranty, and why does it matter for roof replacement? Read this blog from the IICRC- and NRCIA-certified professionals at Restoration Rx to answer any questions you may have about roof warranties.

What Is a Roof Warranty?

A roof warranty is a contract you sign either with the manufacturer of your roof or the contractors that installed it, protecting it from various types of damage. Manufacturer roof warranties are often sold with the shingles you buy from your roof. Contractor roof warranties are sold or included when you install a new roof.

Warranty length typically varies between three to five years. You can also sometimes choose to get an extended roof warranty lasting up to 10 years.

What Do Contractors’ Roof Warranties Cover?

A contactors’ roof warranty may cover the following things:

  • Storm damage repair

  • Various roof damages after installation

  • Water leaks

  • Repairs if someone damages your roof while working on it

  • Low quality materials

  • Labor and materials for repairs
  • Damages or cleaning costs for your home interior and furnishings while repairs were taking place

Why Do Roof Warranties Matter for Roof Replacement?

You never know when your roof will become damaged. Experts recommend that people get their roofs inspected annually, typically right before winter.

If you have an active warranty in place, and the damage is covered in your warranty, you won’t have to bear the extra expenses to get your roof fixed or replaced.

Your home value increases when you have a roof under warranty or in perfect condition. Don’t forget that gaps in your roof, no matter the cause, let heat escape and therefore raise your energy bill.

Also, leaks – like those caused by water dams – can expand over time, damaging your home's foundation and causing mold to spread in your attic.

Protect Your Roof With a Warranty From Restoration Rx

If you live in South Dakota or near our other service areas in Nebraska and Iowa, you are likely eligible for warranty roofing. Restoration Rx offers up to 5-year warranties for new installations and inspections as long as we go through our 60-point forensic inspection and find no significant issues. We also can give your roof an NRCIA LeakFREE® Guarantee certification.

Contact Restoration Rx at 605-759-1531 to learn more about our roof replacement services, flexible financing options, and warranty options.

Providing quotes and inspections for customers as far as 150 miles from Sioux Falls, SD.

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