Concrete Features Increase Curb Appeal and Property Values

At Restoration RX, we like to see homeowners get the most out of their investment, whether they’re planning to live in their house for years to come, or are planning to sell it in the near future. 

Either way, if you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value at the same time, consider installing a concrete patio, sidewalk or driveway to your Sioux Falls, SD property. Outdoor features such as these can take ho-hum areas of your yard and transform them into something special.

Concrete Patios

A recent article by the NAHB states that a survey of both first-time and repeat homebuyers determined that an outdoor patio was a key feature they looked for when purchasing a home in 2020. Concrete patios add to a home’s overall usable space and offer a great return on investment.

Concrete patios have come a long way since their beginnings. Gone are the dreary gray slabs parked in the backyard, too hot to relax upon and too small for entertaining guests. Today’s patios are both functional and stylish, complement home exteriors with custom colors and patterns, and can be accessorized to suit any lifestyle.

Even with diligent maintenance, wood decks rot, warp and fade over the years from rain, snow, sun and cold. Concrete patios, on the other hand, require less upkeep and withstand the elements better. Restoration RX would be happy to help you design and create a breathtaking concrete patio on your Sioux Falls area property that resembles expensive brick, flagstone or cobblestone, which can be stained and sealed for long-lasting beauty.

Concrete Walkways and Sidewalks

Have you ever passed a beautiful house and felt like something was missing, but couldn’t put your finger on what it might be? It might have been that a walkway or sidewalk were absent from the property. These may not attract the attention a front porch receives, but they play an important role in a home’s overall appeal.

A concrete walkway leading up to a home acts a quiet sign of welcome. It draws the eye to the porch or front door, inviting visitors in. A concrete sidewalk runs along the front edge of a piece of property; much like topstitching on a garment, it gives an overall neat and “finished” appearance to the yard. Both can be customized to complement your home’s exterior, increase property values and make a positive first impression on potential buyers.

Concrete Driveways

Installing a concrete driveway to your Sioux Falls, SD area property can play a large role in improving the overall look of your home, especially if your existing driveway is in disrepair.

Concrete drives or concrete pads beside a garage provide extra parking space for vehicles, boats and RVs. Homebuyers with children often look for a safe place for kids to play basketball, skateboard or learn to ride bicycles, and concrete driveways fit the bill. If you’re considering adding a concrete driveway to your Sioux Falls area home, you should be hiring a concrete contractor you can trust. Call Restoration RX today for a free quote.

Improve Your Home, Improve Your Life

It’s clear, installing a concrete patio, walkway, sidewalk or driveway is a great way to increase the asking price when you’re listing your property for sale in Sioux Falls, SD. And, while we’d love to see you make as much money as you can when you’re selling your home, we also want you to enjoy it while you’re still in it.

At Restoration RX, our advice is to improve your property now, because of what it will add to your quality of life, keeping in mind that this will also increase its value down the road. To learn more about the benefits of installing a concrete driveway, walkway, sidewalk, patio, fire pit, retaining wall and more, please call us today.