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An interesting thing about your home is that, because you spend so much time in it, it’s easy to become immune to small changes. Over time, these changes make a big impact on the integrity of the structure and its efficiency. Even the most discerning eye might gloss over what it is simply used to seeing. Incidentally, you may lose track of time and neglect to perform routine home repairs or seasonal maintenance.

At Restoration Rx, we know that you love and care for your home. That’s why we encourage homeowners to sign up for annual well home checkups. With a fresh, trained eye and a checklist, we’ll perform a thorough home inspection. This allows you to make long range plans for upgrades, address immediate issues, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a solid grasp on how your largest investment is performing. Doing this will mean you’ll have fewer surprises to deal with in the days and years ahead.


The last thing you want to do is to spend the weekend looking for areas of trouble. Most homeowners neglect routine inspections of their property. They perform them only if they suspect damage from hail, wind, fire or if they are selling their property.

Weather in the Sioux Falls region can be brutal and expose your home to a beating. Time and the elements take a toll on everything, including the components which make up your house. They wear out, break, rot, leak or fail completely. Waiting for the ‘right time’ for a home physical, rather than having an annual home inspection could be bad. You might be left with major repair and upgrade bills that could have been avoided altogether. In addition, you could have been saving for repairs, had you known, over a longer period of time.


We have our vehicles looked over by our mechanics and ourselves checked out by doctors, so why do we hesitate to have the largest investment of our lives inspected by a professional? Restoration Rx provides the annual home maintenance inspections Sioux Falls homeowners rely on to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to home repairs.

Additionally, it’s important to know what to look for during a well home checkup on your Sioux Falls property. If you don’t know exactly what to watch for, you may fail to notice minor changes or write them off as insignificant. In the mean time, making small, meaningful adjustments can extend the life of your home.

plan an annual home inspection


Our trained inspectors will thoroughly check your home’s exterior, interior, foundation, mechanical units, etc. to identify current and future problems. They will offer advice on what should be repaired. It’s hard to pinpoint all of the benefits of yearly home maintenance inspections, but these are just a few:

  • Time to Plan: We’ll help you develop a clear picture of how well your home and its components are holding up, so small issues don’t escalate into major ones. Knowing windows are becoming less energy efficient, your siding is brittle and damaged, or your foundation has started to shift allows you to plan ahead and budget for the measures needed to address the problems before they cause substantial structural damage.
  • A Bigger Picture: We provide inspections of hard-to-reach areas, like the rooftop, or areas you don’t access daily, such as a crawlspace.
  • Meet Regulations: We’ll ensure that your home is up to code, which is especially important if you are planning to sell. Often codes change without a homeowner’s awareness. Consequently, they are in violation of these regulations. This may also be problematic if the homeowner must file an insurance claim.
  • Maintain Safety: Awareness of safety issues, including unsecured railings and treads on stairways, child safety barriers around a swimming pool, uneven concrete on sidewalks, etc.  These issues may result in an accident that causes major harm to someone.
  • Community Pride: Taking pride in your home encourages everyone else in the neighborhood to do the same, which improves property values. In addition, issues with your home may affect your neighbor’s property, too. For example, improper water drainage due to blocked gutters may result in water pooling near your neighbor’s foundation. Ultimately it can work its way into their basement. Yearly well home checkups help you to be a good neighbor.