Claiming Services

Restoration RX knows the restoration process for catastrophe claims. You, as a property owner, have a contract with your insurance company that protects your largest investment, your home or business. That contract allows you to repair or replace the affected areas, insuring your investment is back to pre-catastrophe value. Let Restoration RX walk you through this confusing and stressful process.

Get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance

Do you have hail, wind, fire, or flood damage to your home? Our certified inspectors have worked with hundreds of catastrophe related insurance claims for homeowners, property management companies, associations, and commercial buildings. Far too many contractors don’t understand the procedures required by the insurance carriers or mortgage companies, having little knowledge or proper experience for consulting on such detailed claims prior to repairs. We’re a licensed contractor that knows the local codes and industry standards needed to secure the value of your property. It’s to your benefit to work with a specialist who will discuss these detailed, often overwhelming procedures with you or your insurance company that are invaluable to the replacement process. Rather than focus on “bid price” or cutting corners to lower costs; Restoration RX will work with you every step of the way to ensure your assets are recovered by consulting with the insurance company to determine the proper scope of loss.

Knowing what damage, how it was caused and what the long-term effects on your homes performance as a result, will dictate what actions need taken to bring your home back to its pre-catastrophe condition. Restoration RX specialists are trained to identify losses that may otherwise go un-noticed, resulting in unnecessary out of pocket expenses as they become more prevalent with time.

We all hope these unthinkable disasters will never occur. When they do, there’s not only financial costs, but stress and emotional costs as well. This isn’t a time to focus on getting bids or worrying about policies you don’t understand. It’s a time for recovery and getting back to normal as quickly and easily as possible. Let a company that does inspections and restorations full time restore the peace and health back to your home.

Contact Restoration RX today to help you ease you through the insurance claim process.

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