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Built Up Roofing Services Near Sioux Falls, SD

Restoration Rx provides high-quality built up roofing services within 150 miles of Sioux Falls. Our team is NRCIA-certified, and we are prepared to address any residential or commercial roofing problem. Our trained roofing contractors offer comprehensive BUR roofing services, from repairs to installation.

Our roofers are highly educated and certified in our industry – we’re the only certified forensic roofing inspection company in the area! That means our licensed professionals can ensure your property meets the standards and qualifications of all legal building codes and manufacturer specifications.

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Why Choose BUR: Built Up Roofing?

Built up roofs are have been a common roofing system for flat or low-slope roofs for over 100 years in the United States. Also known as BUR roofing systems, they are popular because they offer great protection and durability.

Built up roofs are made of sheets of ply and asphalt that are layered on one another. These layers are “built up” to create resistance and a tough roofing system with multiple plies.

Some of the benefits of BUR roofing:

  • They are low maintenance.
  • They are cost effective.
  • They protect from UV rays.

BUR Repair, Replacement, Maintenance, & Installation

At Restoration Rx, we can install, repair, maintenance, and replace a built up roofing system for your commercial building. Our roofing contractors have years of experience with commercial roofing systems, and we ensure the highest-quality services at affordable prices.

Built up roofing is one of many different commercial roofing systems that we have extensive experience working with. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll be happy to discuss the differences and benefits of built-up roofing vs. other common flat roofing materials, as well as how it stacks up to metal roofing for commercial use.

Check out our recent projects to see examples of our work and customer testimonials!

3 Other Commercial Roofing Options

Along with built up roofing, Restoration Rx provides three other types of commercial roofing systems: EPDM, MBR, and metal roofing. No matter what material you prefer, we encourage all of our commercial roofing clients to consider enrolling in our Roof Maintenance Program, which grants access to a number of restorative resources.

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  1. Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer: This durable, long-lasting rubber roofing system is commonly known as EPDM.
  2. Modified Bitumen Roofing: We also provide this simple-to-install, single-ply filled roof system. MBR is excellent for energy efficiency.
  3. Metal Roofing: From superior durability to popular aesthetics, metal is a top choice for high-performance commercial roofing.

Why Choose Restoration Rx for BUR Roofing?

When you partner with Restoration Rx for your built up roof, you’re partnering with your local and certified LeakFREE contractor. Our certification provides you with five years of roof repair and complimentary maintenance services if issues arise.

Our program comes in three levels, from standard to platinum, so you can have the right level of protection and performance for your roofing system. We always strive to offer the most affordable prices at the best quality, and we are happy to show you what sets us apart.

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