Are Your Heating Bills Too High?

If you look at your heating bills and wonder how on earth they can be so high, you’re not alone. The good news is, replacing your windows will help keep the heat in and the cold out during the winter months, which should lower your energy costs while keeping your family warm and cozy. Restoration RX has the knowledge and experience needed to make choosing and installing new windows in your Sioux Falls, SD area home a breeze.

How Much Heat Are Your Windows Losing?

Homes that are more than 30 years old lack the window technology modern buildings typically have. This may allow heat to escape from your windows or make rooms feel drafty and uncomfortable. The truth is that we also see many newer homes with low quality windows that may have been inexpensive, but cost dearly during heating and cooling seasons.

Energy.gov estimates that heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of heating and cooling costs. If your energy bills are bigger than they should be, we’d be happy to assess your windows for you. In the meantime, below are some signs that may indicate your home’s windows are inefficient.

  • Window glass that feels cold in the winter and hot in the summer
  • Cloudy, foggy or frosted areas on windows
  • Windows that are difficult to open or close
  • Drafts around windows
  • Windows that are cracked or that have poor weather stripping
  • Windows that make a popping sound in extreme temperatures

What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

When buying new windows, it’s important to choose ones that will function well in the Midwest’s climate. To make the process easier, the EPA offers Energy Star ratings on windows based on their energy performance.

We direct clients toward gas-filled windows (Krypton or Argon-filled) with low-e coatings on the glass. Also, you will want to look for windows with a low U-factor and high SHGC. The U-factor measures a window’s capacity to retain heat inside your home and SHGC measures a window’s ability to admit solar heat.

If you’re confused by these recommendations or would like to discuss window materials, including wood, vinyl and aluminum, please contact Restoration RX! We’d be happy to clear things up for you.

Why Professional Window Installation is Important

No matter how energy efficient your new windows are, they must be installed correctly in order to perform as advertised. In fact, improper installation can void the manufacturer’s warranty altogether. Don’t spend money on new windows and end up with a home that is still drafty and cool in the winter!

At Restoration RX, we believe installing new windows in your home should be easy. After we help you choose the right window for your needs, we’ll measure your home’s window openings carefully and provide you with a free estimate that includes installations costs. Then we’ll make sure to put them in according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Keep Warm with New Windows!

Replacing the existing windows on your home is a quick way to improve energy efficiency and save money. Upgrading your old or inefficient starter windows will stop heat transfer and help hold the heat in your home and keep the cold air out this winter.

Restoration RX is the window contractor Sioux Falls residents trust to bring down their energy costs and keep their homes comfortable all year round. Contact us for more information today!