8 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a New Season

As summer comes to a close and crisp autumn days make their appearance, remember that winter is just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to check if your home is ready for another long season of below-zero temperatures, snow, ice and wind. Restoration RX is here with a fall home maintenance checklist for your Sioux Falls, SD area home.

  1. Get Your Mind on the Gutters: Climb a ladder and inspect your roof area, being especially careful. Begin by examining your gutters and downspouts. Make sure they are securely attached and free from debris such as leaves, sticks, nests or acorns. Blocked gutters collect snow and rain, causing them to overflow. This can lead to roof leaks or water damage to eves.
    Water that isn’t properly escorted away may pool around your home’s foundation, working its way into your basement or damaging your flatwork or landscaping. Unclogging gutters now will give you a chance to check them for leaks and cracks the next time it rains.
  2. Love that Shingle Life: Over time, South Dakota’s hot summer weather can do a number on your roof. Roofing materials break down, just like everything else. Shingles can crack, curl, break and loosen or blow away. Watch for granules in gutters or on concrete, a sign that your asphalt shingles are deteriorating.
    Use a pair of binoculars if you have to, but make sure you get a good look at your shingles. Also, keep an eye out for metal flashing damage around vents and chimneys. If you find issues, have them repaired right away. Waiting only increases the likelihood that the damage will spread to your home’s trusses, studs and even interior ceilings and walls.
  3. Siding Care: Check your siding for loose, cracked or damaged areas and fix them. Unaddressed, they may allow water or insects to work their way underneath and damage what lies below. Paint and seal trim to prevent moisture damage. If your home is need of new siding, Restoration RX would be happy to help you with a free quote.
    Cooler weather is a signal for varmints, like bats, mice and squirrels, to find a warm place to hole up for the winter. As you inspect your siding, watch your home’s exterior for small gaps, cracks or holes that might allow animals in, and seal them. Pay special attention to problem areas like vents and inlets for water, sewer or electricity.
  4. Windows: Windows and doors are often a source of energy loss in the home. According the US Department of Energy, “heat gain and heat loss through windows is responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” Carefully examine your windows and exterior doors. They may need to be re-caulked or weather-stripped. In some cases, window replacement may prove to be an investment that pays for itself in energy savings. Restoration RX can determine if your current windows are still efficient and effective, or if they need repairs or replacement. Call us today to learn more.
  5. Decks: Is your deck ready for another winter? Remove furniture, dirt or debris from your deck and wash it well. Check that the railings are secure. If the boards on your wood deck are dried out, cracked or peeling, now is a good time to make repairs and stain or reseal it to protect it from moisture.
    If you need repairs or you’re ready for a new wood, PVC or composite deck, give Restoration RX a call. We’ll see that your deck is completed as quickly as possible, so you’ll be ready when the warm weather returns next spring!
  6. Freezing Water: Remove and drain water hoses from exterior faucets and store them in the garage. To prevent pipes from freezing inside your house, be sure the water going to the spigot, is turned off. Burst pipes are messy to clean up and expensive to repair. A little effort now will go a long way to ensuring your peace of mind this winter.
  7. The Attic: Inside your home, take a look in the attic and see what, if anything, has changed since last winter. Look for water damage or mold growth and determine its source. Take note if your attic has adequate insulation and add more if necessary. Be sure that all vents are clear. Not sure what to look for? Give us a call!
  8. HVAC Systems: Is your home’s heating and air system ready for the cold? Fall is a great time to have ducts cleaned and any HVAC issues addressed so you are set for the heating season. If you have a gas fireplace, schedule maintenance before your preferred company’s schedule is filled up. Wood-burning fireplaces should receive a chimney inspection and cleaning before using.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Restoration RX offers home inspections in the Sioux Falls area and would be happy to confirm that your home is ready for the change in temperatures. We are also the construction contractor Sioux Falls are residents trust for all of their building needs. Please call us today to discuss your project or to secure our services.