Protect All That You Hold Dear

Thanks to your home’s roof, your family and valuables remain safe and dry throughout the year. Day in and day out, season after season, it takes a beating from Mother Nature, and still does all it can to keep you comfortable. Storms can cause roof damage and because there is more to your roofing system than meets the eye, it can be difficult to assess its true health. That’s why when you’re in need of roof inspections or roof repair on your Sioux Falls, SD area home, it’s important to hire a licensed general contractor who knows what they are doing. Restoration Rx would like to take a minute to advise you on why it’s important to keep your roof in good shape.

There’s More to Your Roof Than Meets the Eye

Roofing systems are more complex than the first appear to be. It’s commonly thought that if your shingles look good, your roof is good. However, there are many other elements that go into making a roof strong and stable. If any of these essentials are lacking, your entire structure is at risk. Inspecting damage and performing your own roof repair leaves your home open to slow decay that can lead to faulty ceilings, shingles, gutters, windows and more.

4 Reasons It’s Important to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

1. Protection

Even minimal roof damage, if left undetected and unrepaired, can lead to significant problems down the road. Marble-size hail is reported to fall at a speed of about 20 mph, while baseball-size hail can exceed 100 mph. A 2-minute hail storm can really do a number on your shingles! In addition, severe thunderstorm winds account for half of all severe damage reports in the contiguous United States. Unseen or poorly executed roof repair can leave everything inside your home open to water damage or injuries due to structural failure. Never trust your home’s roof repair to anyone other than a licensed general contractor, like Restoration Rx.

2. Energy Efficiency & Comfort

When it’s in good shape, your roof’s insulation and ventilation system will maintain a steady temperature inside your home. This can save a ton on heating and cooling bills, and keep your family comfortable.

3. Health Effects

If your roof leaks water, mold and mildew can take root and lead to serious health issues for occupants. As mold and mildew spread, it becomes increasingly more expensive to amend the situation.

4. Resale Value

A strong, durable roof is a major selling point for home buyers in the Sioux Falls area. According to Forbes Magazine, a faulty roof is the #1 deal breaker when it comes time to sell, because a new roof could set potential buyers back between $10,000 and $30,000. A well-maintained roof can significantly raise your home’s value.

We’re the Licensed General Contractor of Choice in the Sioux Falls Area.

If you suspect you have roof damage and are searching for a licensed general contractor in the Sioux Falls, SD area, contact Restoration Rx. We’ll get your home’s roof inspected and repaired in no time.