Even Mild Hail Damage Can Cause Problems

When Mother Nature brings tornadoes, thunderstorms, wind or hail storm damage to Sioux Falls, SD the surrounding area, you need to act quickly to assess how severely your property was affected. Even minor hail damage to your home or business can worsen or spread if not addressed right away. Windows, siding, roofing, gutter systems and more are at risk of being damaged or destroyed.

Restoration RX performs storm damage repairs and hail damage restoration in South Dakota. Home and business owners alike choose us as their go-to storm damage contractor for the Sioux Falls region and beyond. Call us today for a free estimate!

Hail Damage to Commercial and Residential Buildings

While every component of a building’s exterior is at risk in a storm, your roof is engineered to bear the brunt of the elements. The extent of hail damage on your home or business will be affected by several factors, including the wind speed, rainfall amounts, hail density and duration of the storm.

Roofs of all types can be damaged by hail strikes, and 3-tab asphalt shingles, wood shakes and steel roofing systems are no exception. The quality of your current roofing materials, their condition and the construction techniques used to install them will also play a role in how your roof fares in a storm. Hail damage to windows, doors and siding is also common.

Even if you suspect that damage to your residential or commercial property is minor, we advise you to have it inspected if a hail storm has passed through the area. A qualified inspector will be able to identify even small dings, dents and divots, which could worsen over time, affecting the integrity and shortening the lifespan of your structure.

Restoration RX would be happy to come out and take a look at your property and evaluate the scope of the storm damage it incurred. As an insurance claim consultant, we can even work with your insurance adjuster and provide a free estimate on the cost of completing hail damage restoration services. Plus, we’ll bill your insurance company for the cost of restorations, keeping you informed of the situation throughout the process.

Signs of Roof Hail Damage

You can look for roof damage yourself, although that is usually difficult to do without climbing up on the roof for an up-close look. Again, we advise you to have it inspected by a professional for safety reasons, as well as for an educated opinion. An experienced roof contractor will look for bruised areas, torn or loosened areas on asphalt shingles, and dents and creases on steel roofing. Wood shakes will be cracked, with light brighter areas of orange or brown where hail stones removed the weathered surface of the wood.

Many people wrongly assume that if their roof is not leaking right after the hail event, they escaped lasting damage. However, hail damaged shingles deteriorate rapidly, shortening the life of the materials and increasing the likelihood they will fail before their projected lifespan is reached. Addressing issues early can help you avoid full roof replacement.

How Hail Can Damage Siding

While it may be difficult to identify damage on a roof, it is usually more noticeable when hail pummels a structure’s siding. No matter what type of siding you have– wood, vinyl siding, steel siding, stucco and more– all fall victim to hail strikes, including the fascia and trim. Even mild siding damage can decrease your property’s value and curb appeal.

Call Restoration RX to take a look at the hail damage to the siding on your home or business; we’ll work directly with your insurance company to complete repairs or siding replacement.

Hail Strikes Can Ruin Your Windows

While a storm can ruin the look of your siding, hail damage to windows can be downright dangerous. You might be able to wait for repairs if hail strikes leave dents on sashes or trim, but for cracked, dinged or shattered window glass, get help as quickly as you can.

Broken windows can leak and cause water damage, allow insects or animals to enter your home or business, attract criminals or cause serious cuts that require medical attention. We’ll help you find and install beautiful, energy-efficient windows that lower your heating and cooling bills and keep your family safe. When it comes to window repair or replacement, no one does it faster or more affordably that we do

Sioux Falls Storm Damage Restoration Contractor

If Mother Nature recently caused storm damage or hail damage in your Sioux Falls neighborhood, call the hail damage restoration contractor South Dakotans depend on–Restoration RX! We’ll work closely with you and your insurance company to see that your roof, siding and windows are as good as, or better than, they were before the storm rolled through.