Annual exams catch problems with your home early to avoid a major repair bill. We do interior, exterior or whole house appointments, plus we offer repairs and restorations.

Your home is your most precious possession. It’s likely to be the largest investment, but its importance to your family and their safety makes its true value priceless. Whenever possible, shouldn’t you protect this investment with every effort?

Home Inspections Save Money

Statistics have shown the average homeowner only performs inspections for two reasons; catastrophic events (hail, wind, Fire etc.) for insurance purposes, or when they want to list the home for sale. With an untrained eye, your home may “look” okay while walking around, doing yard chores or washing windows. Yet, mother nature’s grueling temperature changes, standard wear and tear and uncontrollable effects of every day life has slowly deteriorated the ability of your home’s original materials to do their assigned job. Diagnosing small issues and addressing them before they become a large issue is much easier and cost effective. Just like its much cheaper to change the oil in your car, than replace the engine when the oil runs out.

Inspect Annually

Restoration RX recommends an annual home or commercial inspections. This will allow you to make appropriate repairs in a timely fashion prior to any major repair costs. Our inspectors will diligently check your structure’s exterior, interior, foundation, mechanical units — every square inch of it — to identify what might go wrong and what should be repaired.  This will save you money by making what would inevitably become large repairs into smaller and more manageable ones. When your building’s materials are functioning at the designed level, it will result in a much more efficient home.

  • Exterior inspection – We inspect your roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters, decks, and more to ensure that they are both up to code (depending on your municipality) and are not displaying signs of problems, like leaking or breakage. Depending on the size and style of your structure, an exterior inspection takes 45-60 minutes.
  • Interior inspections and Energy – We identify points around your home which, when problematic, result in higher energy costs. These include attic insulation, window and door sealing, and other specific areas. Electrical outlets, drywall or structural cracking from settling, floorboard and ceiling for staining etc.
  • Whole House Inspection – We perform whole house inspections for home buyers as well as homeowners who seek peace of mind. If you are considering selling your home in the future, our inspection will identify the repairs needed to get you the best price.

Types of Residential Inspections

Commercial Building Inspections

Restoration RX had the capabilities to work on Homeowner Associations (HOA), property management companies, condo associations, apartment buildings, resorts, community centers, assisted living centers, churches, strip malls, hotels and offices of any size. Restoration RX has an inspection plan that may save you headaches and thousands of dollars in fees. These large structures demand much more time and energy than a standard residential structure. Maintenance staff may not be qualified or have the means necessary to do proper inspections on these structures.

Your business, and by extension your livelihood, deserves the same care as your home does. Our qualified inspectors will thoroughly assess your commercial building’s exterior, including its windows, doors, roofing, gutters and more, to ensure it’s in peak working condition and not wasting your money.

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