Management Services

Restoration RX has a network of services available to provide consulting and code enforcement advice or help find dependable sub-contractors.

Homeowners sometimes chose the title of general contractor, or act on their own behalf as the construction general manager. Have you ever gotten in just a little over your head? Or had a friend lined up to get your job done and they never showed up, leaving you with partially completed projects? Maybe you just want someone to do give you consulting and code enforcement advice, or possibly help with a listing of qualified industry specific sub-contractors that are dependable. Restoration RX has a network of services available to help resolve your issue.

Project management and consulting are available for commercial restorations, residential remodeling, historical restorations, and insurance claim work. Often it may be easier to have a seasoned professional manage your projects for you, without paying additional fees for using a general contractor. Licensing, permits, insurance, workers compensation, travel, coordination etc. all come with a price for general contractors. Restoration RX understands not every project needs a general contractor, but the security in using a project manager from Restoration RX will provide you with the same knowledge at a much-reduced price.

Whether you need consulting services, complete project management or a licensed general contractor, Restoration RX is available to solve your needs.

South Dakota General Contractors license # 5053