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In-person inspections to document & diagnose

Written explanation of current condition and Leakfree warranty offers

Seasonal damages, storm events or aging shingles? Timely repairs will extend the life of your roofing system and may prevent premature complete roof replacement

Excessive granulation loss, decrease of property value or upgrades to newest technology

Irreparable damages from storms


No homebuyer wants to contend with a leaky roof shortly after move-in. Don’t just promise your buyer that your home’s roof is safe and sound – underscore the assertion with Restoration RX’s LeakFREE Roof Certification! It guarantees that a roof is good for at least two more years, and even covers any necessary repairs that may result from abnormal wear and tear throughout the 24 months following certification. It’s peace of mind that seals a deal!


A multi-family residential community’s roof isn’t only expensive to maintain. Its failure also means dissatisfied tenants, which will jeopardize any good will the property manager has fostered – not to mention their bottom line. If you are selling an apartment building, guarantee that your buyer won’t suffer such a costly embarrassment. It is a rock solid promise that your multi-family roof will remain sound and impermeable for at least two more years!


Commercial properties do differ from multi-family residential communities in several regards, yet their roofs are extremely similar. Our LeakFREE Roof Certification assures your potential buyer that your property’s roof represents a sound financial investment – one which will not demand significant repair within two years of the date certification was issued. Your buyer will greatly appreciate this gesture of good faith, and conclude that you’re being straightforward about other aspects of your commercial property and its sale.

Home Sellers and Agents

Worried that the appearance or age of your roof will put off potential home buyers? Consider a LeakFREE Roof Certification from Restoration RX. If your roof has even two more years of useful life, Restoration RX will provide a rooftop inspection, perform any necessary preventative repairs and certify the condition with a service agreement that can be transferred to your buyer.

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Our LeakFREE® Certification is widely accepted
In the unlikely event of a leak from normal wear-and-tear during the next two years, Restoration RX will make the repairs necessary to stop the leak under terms of purchased contract. Additional services including complete roof replacement are available and estimates given withing 24 hours of inspection.
Your roof will be more attractive to prospective buyers and after you obtain a LeakFREE Certification, you can even brag to them about the protection they will be receiving under your certified roof.

Have your client obtain a LeakFREE Roof Certification from Restoration RX to help with negotiations while relieving both you and your client from disclosure risk. Did you know that roof leaks are the number one source of claims against home inspection reports and that the consequential damages can cost thousands of dollars?
If you are worried that the age or appearance of the roof might put off potential buyers or complicate negotiations, certifying the roof can really help. It’s sure a lot cheaper than recovering the roof.

Our LeakFREE Roof Certification is a binding, transferrable service agreement providing potential buyers with professional assurance that the roof will do its job for at least two more years. Before the roof can be certified, it must pass our proprietary rooftop inspection process. If the roof fails to meet the criteria to pass the inspection, we will discuss our findings and necessary repairs providing a detailed report including digital photographs or video. Your client – or the buyer – will have all the information they need to move forward. The easiest thing to do, of course, is to have Restoration RX perform replacement or repairs and issue the certificate.

If you think the home inspection has this covered, think again. In order to avoid claims against their E&O coverage, most home inspectors include language in their reports deferring the opinion on the roof via a recommendation to bring in a roofing professional. When the home inspector excludes the roof, the disclosure liability falls back on the seller and you – the listing agent.

Home Buyers and Agents

Before purchasing a new home, it should always be inspected by a Restoration RX Inspector for a thorough examination. Due to decades of experience, we know that more than 80% of rooftops on houses for sale contain costly preventable damages or leaks.

During the LeakFREE Roof Inspection process, it is the objective of the inspector to qualify the roof for a LeakFREE Certification. In order to accomplish this, our inspectors are highly trained to recognize necessary roof repair work and for conditions which might cause a roof leak in the future.

Following the NRCIA roof inspection protocol, a trained specialist visually first examines the walls, ceilings and attic inside the house to verify any evidence of a roof leak. Evidence is seen as stains or discoloration in the roof penetrations, near the attic vents, near the center point of the conjunction of two roofs (known as valleys), around any chimneys, or in the sheathings for the roof. Any evidence found during the initial visual inspection of the roof tells the roof inspector what to examine most closely during the roof’s actual inspection.

The next thing the inspector examines is the perimeter of the building. This is to look for further evidence of leaks or damage. This includes verifying if there are any water stains on the outside of the building or under fascia boards, as well as looking for any dry-rot, sags or damage to the rafters or in the eaves. The goal is to verify the roofing system, not just the roof itself.

Once the interior and perimeter visual examinations are complete, the inspector visually examines the roof itself. Every roof type has common crucial areas and all our specialists are trained to pay special attention to each of these potential trouble spots. Forensic inspections are available if needed for additional charges.

Lastly, the inspector will create and deliver a thoroughly written report. Only our proprietary Inspection PLUS roof inspection software can generate a written roof inspection report that includes digital photographs, detailed notes, a roof grade and an estimate of repair costs. The roof inspector sends the report within 24 hours of the inspection to show the homeowner (or homebuyer, home seller, or their real estate agents) what is needed to qualify for a LeakFREE Roof Certification.

If your client is interested in a home, but worried about the age or appearance of the roof, you can request that the seller obtain a roof certification. At a fraction of the cost of recovering the roof, the seller can remove your concerns and avoid ugly negotiations. A home inspection cannot do this. The home inspection is too general to uncover many of the problems, and the report typically avoids an opinion on the roof by simply recommending follow-on inspection by a roofing professional.

While a home inspection limits its opinion to current findings, a LeakFREE Roof Certification from Restoration RX can tell you that the roof is very unlikely to have any leaks for at least two years. Before certifying a roof, we use our patent-pending inspection process. If we uncover any existing problems or any areas requiring preventative maintenance, those repairs NEED to be performed before we will issue the certification. That’s because we stand behind our opinion for two years – ready to provide up to $3,000 in repair services to stop any leaks from normal wear-and-tear.

We also understand how important it is to provide timely, respectful service to support potential sales and smooth, timely closing.

Annual Certified Maintenance

Maintenance inspection is a free annual inspection on any property that has been issued a LeakFREE Roof Certification. This inspection is a preventative measure and performed to make sure that the roof maintains its LeakFREE status during the remaining certification period. Our customer service department will call to set up an appointment nearing every anniversary of your certified roof during the certification period as well as nearing the expiration of your Roof Certification.

During the maintenance inspection, if the inspector finds new areas that have a likelihood of leaking, the inspector will give back a report detailing what needs to be repaired, along with a cost estimate. If you choose not to have the repairs made, then those areas would be excluded from the certification if they develop into leaks.

If your lender has requested a roof certification, keep in mind that he is looking for documentation to help manage risk. A cursory inspection and a few assurances on letterhead – even from a roofing professional – will probably not be enough.

Restoration RX LeakFREE Roof Certification is a detailed and binding two-year service agreement for roofing. Restoration RX commitment to provide up to $5,000 worth of repair services to stop leaks in the unlikely event that any leaks occur.

Before we issue a certification, the roof must pass our patent-pending inspection process. If the roof fails, we provide a detailed written inspection report that includes digital photographs. We go over any required repairs, and those repairs must be performed before the certificate is issued. As a result, your lender knows that the likelihood of leaks is virtually eliminated.

Lenders are increasingly requesting roof certifications based on circumstances. For example, the FHA and VA now require them on flat roofs. Each lender has its own policy, but more and more roof certifications are being requested in conjunction with high loan-to-value mortgages, second mortgages and reverse mortgages.

If your lender has requested a roof certification, it may be because your roof’s condition was flagged by the appraiser (which will not necessarily show up on your copy of the appraiser’s report).

Roof Inspection

Through our years of experience, over 80% of rooftops sold have damage or leaks which cost the new buyer large sums, when they could have been prevented through a roof inspection. We can confidently perform inspections because of our patent-pending inspection process that is the most advanced in the industry, as well as the Inspector and Contractor Roof Inspection Training that is required to become an NRCIA member.

VisualROOF® Inspection

The NRCIA maximizes roof life by using its patent pending inspection process to inspect the roof. Our roof inspectors and contractors search for both necessary roof repair work and for conditions which might cause a roof leak in the future.

Following the NRCIA roof inspection protocols, a trained specialist starts the roof inspection by examining the interior walls, ceilings, and attic to see if there is any visual evidence of a roof leak. Any evidence gives the roof inspector a very good idea of what to examine most closely during the actual inspection of the roof.

Next the inspector or contractor examines the perimeter of the building looking for further evidence of leaks or damage. That includes looking for water stains on the outside of the building and looking for dry-rot and damage on the eaves and rafters.

After the interior and perimeter observations are complete, the inspector or contractor moves to the roof itself and performs a visual (non-destructive) examination. Each type of roof has its own common critical areas and the specialist is trained to pay special attention to these potential trouble spots.

During the entire roof inspection process the inspector takes photos of any evidence of current or future roof leaks. Once all photos are taken and the inspection is complete, the inspector assembles the written inspection report including the photos along with an explanation of findings, their implications and recommended repairs. Only our proprietary Inspection PLUS® roof inspection software can generate a written roof inspection report that includes digital photographs, detailed notes and a estimate of repair costs. All of our roof inspections include the detail and professional opinion (typically missing from home inspection reports) that is needed by mortgage lenders, homeowners insurance adjusters and roof riders on home warranty insurance policies.

Beyond giving the customer an idea of what it will cost to repair the roof, estimated repair costs can help in home sale negotiations.

Forensic ROOF® Inspection

For roof assessments that are specific or technical in nature, you will need a Forensic ROOF® Inspection. This is a comprehensive, customized roof inspection concerning; such as, but not limited to, asbestos testing of roofing materials, mold presence, code compliance, manufacturer’s installation, specification compliance, workmanship evaluation, inspection of walking decks, water testing, determination of roof slope, ponding and drainage, and structural engineering analysis. Independent experts are trained in their specific areas of expertise and each Forensic ROOF® Inspection is priced according to the services requested and tests required.

Why LeakFREE® Roof Certification?

Demand a LeakFREE® Roof Certification from a trained inspector or contractor; it is inexpensive and has the national standards you deserve. It is a federally trademarked document that warrants your roof remains LeakFREE® for up to a 5 year period, or our member will repair. We can confidently issue certifications because of our patent-pending inspection process that is the most advanced in the industry, which includes a comprehensive analysis, as well as the Inspector and Contractor Roof Certification Training that is mandatory to be an NRCIA member.

A LeakFREE® Roof Certification has many advantages over any other similar piece of paper. When you purchase our certification, you already know that it is backed by a national association and its certified and trained members, not just a small roofing contractor that could go out of business. Many states and cities require certifications before a home is sold, and ours meet all the requirements to help you reduce your mortgage payments, insurance premiums and even the purchase price. Buyers should not have to purchase a home with mold or other problems associated to roof damage and leaks. Our trained roof inspectors and contractors offer assurance that home inspectors, who just walk around your home, cannot give.

Certifying your home or property with a LeakFREE® Roof Certification has several advantages over other types of roof certifications:

  • First: When our NRCIA-backed certification is purchased, the peace of mind that comes of knowing that it is backed by a national association that has been around for over 25 years. This is not just a small company that could go out of business..
  • Second: Professional roof certification before a home is sold is required by several cities and states. Our certifications meet any and all requirements needed to help in mortgage payments reduction, reduced insurance premiums and even a reduced purchase price.
  • Third: Having your roof certified with our LeakFREE® roof warranty offers the assurance that comes with a thorough examination and analysis of the interior, exterior, perimeter, attic and rooftop. This is something that home inspectors, who only inspect the interior of your home, are unable to provide.
  • In addition: Should a roof leak subsequently occur on a certified roof, our roofing contractor will 1) repair the roof if it is due to normal wear and tear or an inspection oversight, or 2) assist the homeowner or commercial property manager in filing an insurance claim if the problem is not covered under the certification.

Once a roof meets our professional roof inspection criteria, the LeakFREE® Certification is admitted to the roof signifying that roof has undergone an extensive inspection and is now able to remain leak-free for the entire certification period.

Restoration RX offers 3 types of LeakFREE® Certification

  • Standard LeakFREE® Roof Certification: The Standard Certification service agreement is preferred by commercial property owners, commercial buildings, apartment buildings and multi-family locations. This certification normally requires additional fees for service calls, repairs and maintenance.
  • Gold LeakFREE® Roof Certification: The Gold Certification covers your roofing necessities. If your roof ever leaks during the certification period, a contractor will be at the location as soon as possible ready to fix the leak for a no or low nominal service call fee. If the leak is due to normal wear and tear, then this certification and warranty has a “limit of service” that will cover the cost of most minor repairs. The certification and warranty period can be for 1 through 5 years, depending on what meets your needs best. All certifications also include free maintenance inspections on all anniversaries of the certified roof.
  • Platinum LeakFREE® Roof Certification: The Platinum Certification is the premier package that includes all service calls at no cost to the Certification holder. It also includes the highest amount of your “limit of service,” 150% higher than that of the Gold Certification. If the roof leaks due to normal wear and tear during the certification period, then the amount of money that Restoration RX will pay to fix the areas is significantly higher than with the Gold Certificate. The Platinum Certification is also available for 1 through 5 years and includes free maintenance inspections on all anniversaries of the certified roof.

If your roof ever leaks during the certification period, you can have peace-of-mind that you have the best roof coverage out there, at virtually no cost to you despite service calls or repairs

Insurance Certification

In addition to lending institutions, this report is imperative for your insurance provider. Most major insurance providers are now restricting replacement insurance for roofing to 10 years prior to moving to an actual cash value policy.

Having a LeakFree warranty report that can be shared directly with potential insurance providers, will add confidence homeowners are getting the best possible coverages on their new investment. Our inspection reports are 50-point inspections with both photographic and written documentation of the current status of the roofing system.

In addition, having yearly documentation of an inspection report will provide evidence of preventative maintenance being performed according to insurance policies. With this evidence available, discounts may be available to homeowners.

Restoration RX inspection reports are designed to share information between buyers, sellers and the appropriate professional services involved.

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