Roof Maintenance Program

  • Free maintenance services with LeakFREE® Roof Certification
  • Detailed forensic roof inspection reports
  • Trained and certified team of roof inspection experts
  • Flexible financing options for all roof maintenance projects
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Enroll in Restoration Rx’s Roof Maintenance Program

Having all-year-round roof maintenance support at your disposal not only gives you extra peace of mind; it helps preserve your Sioux Falls home’s appearance and performance, no matter what the weather’s like outside. At Restoration Rx, we strive to go above and beyond to ensure that all our residential roofing clients can take advantage of superior preventative upkeep and maintain a safe and secure home by enrolling in our Roof Maintenance Program.

Our Roof Maintenance Program is designed to extend the longevity and performance of your roof and home exterior features, by offering enrollees extensive roof inspections, detailed reports and updates on roofing condition, as well as a wide variety of other roof maintenance services. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property manager, enlisting in our Roof Maintenance Program grants you exclusive access to all of our roof restorative resources, such as our LeakFREE® Roof Certifications, Roof Maintenance Contracts, insurance assistance, and other accommodations.

Most roof repair or roof replacement projects can be prevented through efficient and routine maintenance inspections. To ensure your roof operates at peak performance, contact Restoration Rx today to learn more about all of our Roof Maintenance Program benefits!

Why Enroll In Our Roof Maintenance Program?

The thing with roof restoration is that it’s so easy to forget about the performance and condition of your roof until you’ve reached a point of no return. That’s the entire goal of our Roof Maintenance Program, to help Sioux Falls homeowners and property managers never have to deal with the financial burden and operational obstacles of repairing or replacing a roof. Here are a few facts that emphasize the importance of providing your roof with routine maintenance care:

  • Over 80% of all roofs are replaced prematurely
  • The average building owner is estimated to spend more than $127,500 on roofing over the life of each structure or property (average per 10,000 square feet)
  • Installing a new commercial roof comes with an estimated price tag of more than $50,750 (per 10,000 square foot average)
  • Most roof repair or restoration projects cost thousands of dollars less than installing a brand new roof
  • Roof maintenance programs, such as ours here at Restoration Rx, generally cost anywhere between 1-3% of the estimated total of an average roof replacement project

As with other forms of preventative maintenance, our Roof Maintenance Programs are tax deductible, although property type and program structures may vary. When you consider the fact that enrolling in our Roof Maintenance Program can potentially save you up to 50% on roof repair or replacement costs over its entire life span, the amount of restoration savings you can retain is quite the investment!

Our Commitment to Preserving Your Roof and Home

Once you’re a part of our Roof Maintenance Program, you can rest assured your Sioux Falls home or commercial property will have access to unparalleled restorative resources. Consider our Roof Maintenance Program the equivalent of an exclusive club, where members can take full advantage of all of the following forms of maintenance support:

Thorough Inspection and Analysis

At Restoration Rx, our roof inspections are simply a walkthrough of your premises. Your home’s interior, attic, exterior features, roof underhang; every aspect of your roof is thoroughly examined to ensure its operating at peak performance. You’ll also receive a detailed report from our inspection team that outlines our findings, as well as provides any recommended courses of maintenance action.

LeakFREE® Certifications

What if you could wave a magic wand over your home to ensure it never endured any type of leak ever again? When your home or property qualifies for our LeakFREE® Roof Certifications, even in the rare event that a leak should arise, we’ll immediately send over our roof maintenance team to patch everything up, completely free of charge.

Insurance Assistance

Having a resource handy that can guide you through your insurance claims process with any roof-related restoration projects will help maximize the protection and coverage you can receive. That’s exactly what we provide, helping all of our Roof Maintenance Program members get the insurance assistance their home needs to maintain its appearance and structural integrity.

Emergency Storm Repair Services

You never know what Mother Nature can throw your home’s way, but if it does ever strike, nothing is more reassuring than having an emergency storm response team available to repair any damages. All Roof Maintenance Program members will have access to our emergency storm repair services, to help you out when you need it the most.

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