Roof Maintenance Contract

  • Professional roof maintenance support all year round
  • Free maintenance services with LeakFREE® Roof Certification
  • NRCIA-certified roofing inspection team
  • Detailed forensic roof inspection reports
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Premium Roof Maintenance Support for Sioux Falls Homeowners

Professional roof maintenance inspections are an integral part of preserving your home’s performance, appearance, and structural integrity. At Restoration Rx, every Sioux Falls homeowner or commercial property manager that receives an official LeakFREE® Roof Certification on our behalf is eligible to sign up for our exclusive Roof Maintenance Contract, ensuring ultimate roof maintenance protection all year round!

As a member of our Roof Certification Program, you can take advantage of receiving a free annual roof inspection every year throughout your certification period. That means having our team of certified roofing experts inspecting every aspect of your roof and home exterior features, maintaining its strength, functionality, and beauty, all throughout the calendar year. Contact us today to learn more about all the perks and benefits of our Roof Maintenance Contract!

What Our Roof Maintenance Contract Can Do For You

Having a security blanket as protective as our Roof Maintenance Contract not only provides you with ultimate peace of mind; it grants you unparalleled access to our team of the most well-trained, certified roofing technicians in the Greater Sioux Falls area. Once you’ve been issued an official LeakFREE® Roof Certification by our roof inspection specialists, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of all the accommodations our Roof Maintenance Contract has to offer, such as:

Annual Roof Inspections

On the anniversary of your LeakFREE® Roof Certification, we’ll send over our team of NRCIA-certified roofing inspectors to perform a thorough, complimentary inspection of your roof and home exterior features. We’ll provide you with a complete update and detailed report of your roof’s current condition, as well as provide you with our expert analysis on any potential roofing services you may need in the future.

Complimentary Roof Repairs

Throughout the duration of your LeakFREE® Roof Certification period, in the event that any roof repair is necessary to address any concerns associated with gradual wear and tear, you’ll receive immediate roof repair solutions, completely free of charge!

Appease Lenders and Insurance Providers

Under our Roof Maintenance Contracts, we’ll have all the necessary certifications, documents, and files to provide to your mortgage lender or insurance provider, in the event that they need them. More and more lenders and insurance companies are requiring roofing certifications from their clients, especially with commercial properties. Our Roof Maintenance Contracts will let them know that your roof is completely abiding by all local building codes or structural requirements, and in turn potentially reducing your mortgage payments or insurance premiums.

Maximum Compensation

A leak-free guarantee is exactly what we promise through our Roof Maintenance Contracts. If your home or property does endure any worse-case scenarios regarding the condition or performance of your roof, your Roof Maintenance Contract will deem you eligible for our commitment to provide you with upwards of $5,000 worth of repair services, to address any critical roofing issues or complications that occur during your certification period.

Annual Maintenance Support From Restoration Rx

Preventative roof maintenance means exactly that: preventing any worst case roof repair scenarios that could significantly cost you later on down the road. Under our Roof Maintenance Contracts, you can rest assured that your Sioux Falls home or property will preserve its structural integrity and appearance, all throughout your LeakFREE® Roof Certification period. Contact Restoration Rx today to learn more about all the details and offers associated with our Roof Maintenance Contracts!

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