Roof installation and roofing repair for South Dakota home owners

In-person inspections to document & diagnose

Written explanation of current condition and Leakfree warranty offers

Seasonal damages, storm events or aging shingles? Timely repairs will extend the life of your roofing system and may prevent premature complete roof replacement

Excessive granulation loss, decrease of property value or upgrades to newest technology

Irreparable damages from storms

Roofing Installation & Repair South Dakota
Roofing Installation & Repair South Dakota
Roofing Installation & Repair South Dakota

South Dakota is a great place to live, but the weather extremes here can put your home’s roof to the test. Beating rain, freezing precipitation, heavy snow and strong winds may leave your family and possessions at risk to the elements should your roof fail. Protect your home and everything in it with superior roofing repair and installation services from Restoration Rx. Our qualified professionals will perform a thorough roof inspection to determine the most effective and budget-friendly way to make repairs, or we will present you installation or replacement options. Plus, we’ll provide you with a free estimate on all our work.


If you need roof repairs – whether it’s due to storm, hail, or snow damage – Restoration Rx can help. Roofing installation involves layering new roofing materials─ such as a new set of shingles or steel─ over existing shingles. Because none of the old system is removed, installation is relatively quick and costs less than roof replacement. We only work with the best supplies and equipment, and utilize trusted installation techniques to ensure lasting results.


There are times when we advise against installing new roofing materials over existing ones, such as when an inspection detects sagging or rotting. To install a new layer over the old in this case would result in a cosmetic fix at best. Roof replacement includes tearing off all existing materials down to the deck, and then installing the new system. While this may be a more expensive option today, it will save thousands of dollars down the road.


Shingles provide a beautiful, cost-effective and dependable solution for residential roofing needs. Today’s shingles are available in a wide array of materials, styles, textures and colors that are easier than ever to maintain. However, a shingled roof is only as reliable as the crew that installs it. When considering shingles, trust the experienced team at Restoration Rx to provide you with a highest quality materials, expert installation and affordable pricing.

Types of Roofing Materials We Install:

  • Asphalt
  • Metal
  • Premium Stone Coated
  • Tile
  • Wood
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