You don’t really need to change the oil in your car’s engine. You can always just keep driving until its total lack of lubrication forces the engine to pop out of the hood like a jack-in-the-box, and then go purchase a new car.

Or maybe you don’t particularly enjoy replacing your car every year, and would rather perform a little maintenance that will save you a whole lot of money and trouble in the long run. If that’s the case, then you should also perform roof maintenance. It will similarly spare you from the costly inconvenience of frequent roof replacement!

As one of the busiest roofing contractors Sioux Falls, South Dakota has to offer, we find a lot of problems during roof inspections that could have been avoided with just a little preventative maintenance. Here are our tips for maintaining your roof!

Perform Your Own Regular Roof Inspections

Some matters of roof inspection are best left to the experts. For professional home inspection service Sioux Falls homeowners only have to call Restoration RX, but that doesn’t mean a layman isn’t qualified to detect several common roofing issues with their own two eyes.

At least once a year, visually scan your roof for any shingles that may have become loose, cracked, lifted, curled, or missing altogether. Inspect your gutters for asphalt granules, as these indicate that the protective coating is eroding from your shingles.

Don’t limit your casual roof inspection to shingles! Also check for loose nails and flashing, as well as stains in your attic or on your ceilings that could signal water infiltration. Any signs of the roofing damage Sioux Falls is so famous for means that it’s time to engage a contractor.

Keep Your Roof Free from Debris

Debris on your rooftop isn’t just a personal safety hazard. Loose items like sticks and branches can also damage your shingles by shifting around in the wind, rotting, or preventing water from running freely into your gutters. Ponding water can easily corrode asphalt shingles!

When the weather is dry and your roof is not slippery, set up a ladder and remove any debris that has accumulated up there. It is good to do this in the spring and fall, although you may need to remove debris from your roofing more often if your home is surrounded by trees. Just be careful – there are good reasons why roofing is ranked fourth among the most dangerous jobs in America.

Don’t limit your cleaning efforts solely to your roof, however. Gutters, downspouts, chimneys, skylights, vent openings, soffits and fascia can all accumulate dirt, grime and creosote over the years as well. Keeping them clean and in good condition will only help your roof to last as long as possible.

Don’t Let Moss Take Hold

Moss can lift or curl asphalt shingles until a strong gust of wind becomes capable of blowing them clean off. A severe moss infestation can even let water seep through the roof. To make matters worse, moss spores are capable of traveling hundreds of kilometers by wind, so no roof is truly safe from the plant’s invasion.

Clearing debris from your roof can help prevent moss colonization, as can trimming nearby tree branches to let sunlight reach the roof. Keeping your gutters clean can combat moss growth as well.

But if moss has already taken hold, do not attempt to remove it with a power washer or abrasive brush. That will damage your shingles’ protective granule coating. Instead use a specialized moss killing formula such as Moss Out!, available at fine hardware stores everywhere.

Take Special Precautions With Commercial Buildings

Commercial property owners and managers should take their own special precautions when it comes to maintaining their buildings’ roofs.

Restrict who has access to your roof. Unnecessary visits to the roof by staff doesn’t just pose liability issues. All that needless foot traffic is going to decrease your commercial roof’s life expectancy – especially if the staff doesn’t stick to the walkway pads. Prohibit people going up there just for cigarette breaks and appreciating the scenery!

Keep a file dedicated solely to your roof. Every act of maintenance, repair and installation should be chronicled in an exhaustive roof file. This information can one day prove invaluable for insurance purposes, and your roofing contractor will appreciate it when they have to advise the best course of action.

Hire a professional for roof inspections. We already touched on why you don’t want your staff up on the roof. Furthermore, most amateurs who are only familiar with asphalt shingles just aren’t qualified to inspect a commercial roof’s unique features such as its flashing and membrane. Schedule annual inspections, but also request your roofing contractor to perform a quick sweep after traumatic weather events like hailstorms.

Never place materials directly on top of the membrane. Cold weather makes this material brittle enough to crack under weight, but enough sustained pressure can damage it in any temperature. Avoid placing objects on top of your roof for extended periods, and use protection boards when you do have to store materials on your roof for any amount of time.

Do you need a contractor that keeps up with modern roofing trends? We can quickly deal with the hail damage Sioux Falls is regrettably so well-known for, and for general roofing repair Sioux Falls and the wide surrounding area need look no farther than Restoration RX. Contact us today and ask about our LeakFREE certification!