Whenever they need roofing repair, Sioux Falls and the wide surrounding area count on Restoration RX. We’re one of the few roofing contractors Sioux Falls homeowners, landlords and commercial property investors can always depend on!

Our ability to repair any roofing damage Sioux Falls’ harsh weather could threaten isn’t the only reason for our popularity. As roofing experts we also stay constantly apprised of our industry’s latest trends. Doing so ensures we always deliver the best for our valued clients. Here are the top five roofing trends of 2021 so far!

Synthetic Slate Shingles

Few roofing materials will ever match the stately allure of slate shingles. But the slick stone surface comes with many drawbacks. Quarrying and transporting heavy slate shingles demands a great deal of fossil fuel, and its brittleness makes slate rather difficult to install.

As the technology to fabricate them continually improves, synthetic slate shingles become an increasingly appealing alternative to real stone. Synthetic slate perfectly emulates the appearance of the genuine article, and its durability makes its installation far easier and its lifespan far longer. Most synthetic slate shingles come with 50-year warranties!

Perhaps best of all, synthetic slate is a “green” roofing material. It may be made of new or recycled plastic, but in either event its creation doesn’t require mining which tears apart the countryside. The UV-resistant material is also economical to ship; it is lighter than traditional asphalt shingles, not to mention slate itself. And because synthetic slate weighs approximately 1.25 pounds per tile, it’s possible to install it on a roof which couldn’t have supported real slate without substantial reinforcement.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is no new thing. It was invented in New Jersey during the Revolutionary War! But we have witnessed something of a renaissance for metal roofing during the past several years.

Property owners have always appreciated metal roofing’s impressive longevity, as it can last over 50 years with only minimal maintenance. Yet those who assume metal roofing necessarily looks flat and drab are surprised to learn just how convincingly it can now mimic other materials including slate, wood shake and tile.

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly – not only because they go so long without needing replacement, but also because they are nearly 100% recyclable. Better yet, metal roofing is durable. Strong winds, fire, and even the hail damage Sioux Falls is legendary for can do little to harm a metal roof. Finally, falling asleep to the sound of light rain pattering against a metal roof is one of the most relaxing sensations known to mankind.

Solar Shingles

You’re no doubt familiar with solar panels. They represent an exciting leap forward for personal energy independence, but their blocky design has traditionally made them a less than aesthetic addition to most properties. The advent of solar shingles will ultimately change all of that.

Solar shingles are essentially wafer-thin solar panels that are created to look like roofing shingles. Their unobtrusive design lets solar shingles blend in almost seamlessly with conventional asphalt shingles, and they are durable enough to repel the Midwest’s savage weather. Depending on its manufacturer, a single solar shingle can generate between 13 and 63 watts of electricity! It’s easy to appreciate why this futuristic roofing material represents such a great investment.

But no new technology is without its shortcomings. Solar shingles are still not as efficient as bulkier solar panels, and snow and cloudy weather will do nothing to help them generate electricity. Solar shingles also cannot store energy, so they will not lower your energy bills during winter or the nighttime.

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone coatings are already commonplace in the commercial property world, but we have witnessed their increasing popularity among homeowners as well. A silicone coating can totally change the appearance of any home’s roof, and it grants excellent added protection against both leaking and ultraviolet radiation. Silicone coating represents an affordable alternative to roof replacement – application costs as little as $2 per square foot, and doesn’t necessarily require any new tile installation!

Cool Roofing

A cool roof isn’t “cool” in the same sense that jazz music is cool. It is imbued with materials that reflect solar energy, which in turn leads to dramatically lowered indoor temperatures. Although lighter colors are naturally equipped to repel heat better than darker ones, a reflective coating may be applied to virtually any roofing surface to help it repel sunlight more effectively. And the benefit of a cool roof extends beyond your air conditioning bill – it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn may cool down the entire planet itself.

We embrace both the old and the new here at Restoration RX. Whether you want to implement a cutting edge roofing technology for your home, multi-family residential community or commercial property, or just stick to the tried and true, we welcome you to reach out for a quote today!