Restoration RX is your Prescription for a Healthy Home

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home

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Healthy Home Inspection

We are a general contracting company with a combined 35 years of consulting and construction experience. Restoration RX is different than your standard builder or specialty contractor; we provide an unmatched service and are dedicated to the quality of your home. As a licensed general contractor, our experts can take you from concept to completion of a custom home build; or renovations you’ve always wanted to personalize the design or function. In addition, we specialize in “healthy” home inspections, or as we refer to them “well home check-ups,” that will give you the homeowner a sense of security knowing your home is performing the way it was designed. From inside to out, top to bottom, your home is your most valuable investment. Let our knowledgeable team of experts consult with you on how to keep it that way. Call us for a healthy home inspection.

Experience You Can Trust

Who can you trust for a healthy home restoration?

Restoration RX is your answer. If you don’t know contracting, then know your contractor. Please contact us toady for more information on how we make your home the most efficient, healthy and happy home it can be. We’re here to make sure your next home restoration project is done safely and correctly. 

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South Dakota General Contractors license # 5053