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Your Sioux Falls Metal Roofing Contractor

Whether you are a South Dakota homeowner or run a local business, you need a sturdy roof, and metal roofing is a great option to consider. From superior strength and durability to vibrant aesthetics, metal checks off all the boxes for high-performance roofing.

If you’re interested in metal roof repair, maintenance, or installation, be sure to work with a certified metal roofing contractor like Restoration Rx! Our team goes the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction by offering flexible scheduling, financing options, insurance assistance, detailed inspections, and more.

Restoration Rx can also fix or install more than just your roof! Our comprehensive exterior services cover everything from storm damage repair to replacement siding.

Learn more about our metal roofing options and reach out to us with any questions.

3 Metal Roofing Styles We Offer

As a top-rated roofing company based in Hartford, South Dakota, Restoration Rx has the training, equipment, and experience you can count on. We offer multiple high-quality styles of metal roofing to suit various needs and preferences.

Consult with our experts today to find the right style of metal roofing for your South Dakota home or commercial business!

1. Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

An exposed fastener metal roof has metal panels that are overlaid, then fastened down using washers and screws through the face of the metal. This design is a simpler approach to a durable roofing solution, making them a more affordable choice for multiple structure styles.

2. Standing Seam Metal Roofing

A standing seam metal roof has a concealed fastener metal panel system that raises the seams above the roofing level. Standing seam metal roofing offers continuous panels from the ridge to the eaves connected by fasteners, providing a sleek and durable roofing design.

3. Metal Shingle Roofing

Metal Shingle roofing has interlocking fasteners that hold the middle shingles to the surface, enhancing the entire roof's strength and durability. They are folded longitudinally in a repeating pattern and are typically attached to the roof structures with screws or nails, creating a low maintenance and long-lasting roof.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Professional installation ensures that you get the most out of your new metal roof. When you choose Restoration Rx, we always provide honest communication and the highest-quality craftsmanship. Get a long-lasting roofing solution that you can trust!

When you install a metal roof, the benefits are worth the return on your investment. Request a quote to learn more today.

Superior Strength & Durability

When it’s time to replace your roof, durability will likely be one of the main features you’re looking for in a roofing material. Metal roofing systems can last between 25 to 50 years and offer superior structural integrity and performance.

Designed for Energy Efficiency

If you care about saving money on utility bills, pay attention to your roof! Metal roofing is designed to give you optimal energy savings by reflecting more solar radiation compared to traditional asphalt shingles, which absorb and hold heat.

Low Maintenance

Metal roofs are often referred to as low or maintenance-free options, meaning you'll need fewer cleanings and inspections compared to other materials.

Restoration Rx is your local and certified LeakFREE contractor. Our certification provides you with five years of roof repair and complimentary maintenance services if issues arise.

Our program comes in three levels, from standard to platinum, so you can have the right level of protection and performance for your roofing system.

Custom Design Options

One of the biggest misconceptions about metal roofing systems is that they only come in one look. The material is actually very malleable and can be shaped and formed into different designs and textures.

There are multiple color options available as well. When you work with our Restoration Rx-certified metal roofing contractors, we will help you create an aesthetic you love with a long-lasting and durable material you can depend on!

Restoration Rx: SD Metal Roofing Specialists

A roof replacement is a major project, and you need a metal roofing company that offers the highest level of experience and enhanced qualifications to ensure expert craftsmanship. Restoration Rx delivers!

Message us online, or call now: 605-759-1531.

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