Storm Damage Repair in Sioux Falls

No matter how well you maintain your home or business, a summer storm can put you in dire need of a home repair contractor. Torn, broken or missing shingles, siding damage and shattered windows are typical storm damage Sioux Falls, SD area residents often find themselves dealing with. At Restoration RX, we understand that these situations can be devastating to your family or business, and require quick action. This is why we’re standing by to help you deal with destruction from excessive rain, high winds, hail and more. In addition to inspections and repairs, we’ll handle your insurance company for you!

Storm Damage Roofing Repair

While some storm damage to your roof may be easily visible, some will require a trained professional to identify. We’ll perform an up-close inspection and look for signs of damage. Most of the damage will only worsen and cause major problems if left unaddressed. Keep in mind that when storms roll through an area many fly-by-night contractors arrive and take advantage of people. Make sure you’re dealing with a company that provides you with proof of license, insurance and references. Additionally, follow these tips from the South Dakota Attorney General.

Damaged Siding Repair

Summer storms often come with hail and high winds that can really do a number on your siding. Branches and debris can crack panels, while hail can cause dents that ruin the exterior finish on your home. Fortunately, assessing the extent of storm damage to your siding is a fairly easy process when you know what to look for. If you suspect your property is in need of siding repair or replacement, contact Restoration RX. We’re the home repair contractor Sioux Falls home and business owners call on when summers storms damage their siding.

Window Replacement

When a tree limb crashes through one of your windows, storm damage is pretty obvious. But did you know that excessive winds or hail can wreck the seal or trim on windows? Ruined trim can allow moisture and air to enter into your home. Often, the problem isn’t apparent until the following winter. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable home repair contractor inspect your windows after a major summer storm with high winds, heavy rain or large hail.

We’re Your Storm Damage Home Repair Contractor

At Restoration RX, we understand that of the many wonderful things summer weather brings with it, violent storms aren’t among them. If you are dealing with storm damage to your Sioux Falls area home or business and are in need of a trustworthy home repair contractor, please contact us today. We’ll quickly determine the extent of the damage, deal directly with your insurance company, and make the needed repairs that will help your family or business return to normal as quickly as possible!